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      Stop 'Bail-in'

      Stop 'Bail-in'

      In February 2019 the IMF demanded the Australian government implement a full bail-in system.
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      Break up the Banks

      Break up the Banks!

      Join the fight today for a separation of banks with deposits from all other financial activities
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      Latest CEC Report

      31 May 2019
      Debt Bubble Explosion Inevitable / Alexander Downer and the Five Eyes

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      This fascist crackdown is aimed at you!

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      Latest Updates

      4 Jun.—Evidence presented at the inquest into the 3 June 2017 vehicular and knife attack at London Bridge, in which eight people (including two Australians) were killed and 48 injured, adds to the already strong case that the perpetrators did not…

      7 Jun 2019

      If growth slows in the USA it would spark a wave of downgrades of debt instruments and subsequent defaults, which could set into motion a chain reaction of market meltdowns.

      7 Jun 2019

      Recent media fanfare that one million species face extinction is nothing but propaganda to dupe the public into a “transformative change” that would reverse industrial progress and force most people into poverty.

      7 Jun 2019